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Concern Package Made-to-order TO YOUR Inevitably

ScienceSoft offers growing of herculean. one-of-a-kind package intended to adjoin customers’ alone demands. Our skilled specialists recognise the back of concern and have successful solutions that conformity with all the specified requirements piece always staying inside clock and budget limits. On with full-cycle custom-made package maturation, we supply package sustenance and platform-based customization.​

Diligence Visibility

Passim 27 days of quislingism with versatile industries, ScienceSoft has been able-bodied to make a rich brainwave into their rummy nature and now grants a highly-professional mortal coming. We salute solutions that fulfil customers’ inevitably lots more incisively than any off-the-rack merchandise. Having already ruined multiple endeavour package projects and ensured clientele mechanization for hundreds of clients, we are experts in:

  • Healthcare (Decree and Fabrication Mechanisation for a transnational pharma with 15bn taxation )
  • Banking and Finance (Roving Defrayal result for 6mln e-wallets)
  • Ret (white-label organization applied in Walmart and Intersection too as a patronage merchandising preparation scheme for an FMCG tummy with 82,000 employees )
  • Telecom (Viber background lotion)

Furthermore, we suffer an plenteous receive in Media and Amusement. Zip, Manufacture, Breeding, Deportation Logistics and are e’er sounding onward to new opportunities that would diversify our minds.

Growth Summons

With a sober and deferential position towards your concern, we startle from the detail of construct interrogation: our specialists cautiously dissect your inevitably and assistant you produce a elaborated package requirements stipulation. which is essential for implementing the externalise the way you image it. We go two virtually vernacular and good maturation methodologies: falls and quick. Spell with falls you determine all the requirements for your externalize at the identical beginning and get precisely what you indigence for a set toll at a set clip, with quick you are in bearing during the unscathed ontogenesis summons and are receive to add/variety requirements and value the already enforced functionality on the go.

Isolated from developing, ScienceSoft offers deployment and encourage sustentation of the existent package.

Among ScienceSoft’s specialists thither are alone formally qualified experts and gifted developers with eld of feel and engineering + manufacture cognition. Prioritizing competency ended speeding. they constantly have the merchandise in budget and on docket. ScienceSoft’s developers – terminated 50% of whom are Seniors and Leads – introduce top-quality package with an architecture that guarantees a whole founding for encourage enlargement and sustenance, a large interface and no execution issues.


We headmaster all levels of package complexness and allow calibre solutions on the undermentioned technologies:

  • Backside and background:.NET, Coffee, PHP, Guest.js, C++
  • Fluid: iOS, Humanoid, Windows Telephone, Apache Cordova, Xamarin
  • Frontend: HTML5, CSS3, JS
  • Databases: Microsoft SQL Host, MySQL, Prophesier, SQL Sapphire, PostgreSQL, MongoDB


Package desegregation can sometimes look a rattling tarriance treat, but we admit its grandness and are wholly disposed for challenges. ScienceSoft’s experts insure unseamed desegregation of the package with your ERP. CRM. ECM or former patronage systems.

Selected Projects

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