Research Principles

To ensure research addresses the evidence requirements of SRI and is of a high standard, research in SRI is underpinned by several principles. These principles, which guide our decisions regarding organizational participation or investment in research, ensure a balanced portfolio of research across priority areas based on anticipated benefit to SRI and return on investment, whether that investment is by financial contribution or in-kind support.

SRI operates with the following Research Principles:

Strategically driven
SRI will focus its research efforts in areas of strategic priority that address current and future projected requirements to maximize long-term benefit in terms of research outcomes and service improvement.

Current and responsive
In addition to being strategically driven, SRI’s research program will also remain current and responsive to emerging issues, and recognize and respond to local, national and global research trends, techniques and outcomes.

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Consistent with key state and national priorities
Research activity will be congruent with organizational goals, and will fit with national healthcare priority areas.

Partnerships and collaboration
SRI will actively build alliances and partnerships with the broader research community so that leverage of research effort is maximized and a critical body of research is built and shared.

Academic rigor
SRI will ensure academic rigor in its research work by implementing quality control systems that ensure the soundness of methodology, capability and performance. It is recognized that a range of quantitative and qualitative approaches is required to address the diverse research agenda of the organization.

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Optimizing return on investment
SRI will optimize the organization’s return on investment in commissioned research and research partnerships, and increase leverage of co-investment from various sources.

Impact on healthcare operations
SRI will ensure that research participation does not negatively impact on service delivery or quality, particularly on the operations of facilities, the work of caregivers, and the outcomes of residents.

Transparency and equity
Standard criteria for appraisal of research for SRI participation and funding will be applied equitably to all research proposals in an objective manner.

Ethical conduct
SRI research will be designed and conducted in compliance with the organization���s Research Guidelines and the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research.

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