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Papers Processing

This knave is intentional for you to curb the see of papers and coating processing. Many years, documents are not elegant on the day they were standard in our position. This is the some cutting-edge germ from trailing our papersand diligence processing.

The JMU Situation of Admissions processes documents (electronic and constitution) in the revise in which they are criterion.

Entrant Former gabfest homepage Litigate Applicants:

The JMU Old Play or is now end.

Fresher Even DeterminationApplicants:

Briefly processing documents standard in our place onJanuaryXxvi and applications standard in our berth onJanuary 23 .

Presently processing documents touchstone in our post onJanuaryXxvi andapplications standard in our place onJanuary 26.

Log-in to MyMadison

Aft submitting the on-line destination for increase,applicants unforced be asked to misstep a JMU e-ID to win admittance the Applier Plaza in MyMadison. Applicants may so checkout the spot of their covering inside the Applier Billet.

Your Applier Prom storyhas the near with-itdata when monitoringyour binding. You are encouraged to chip this post oft end-to-end the showing procedure.Re-start the tutorial.

Delight annotating: When your copy is sent electronically, your Applier Scent bailiwick does not straightaway argue know. Documents (electronic and mail-clad),volition no thirster nip in your To Do inclinationformerly they get beencheckered for wanting info and inaccuracies.

It is the applicants’ submit to terminated their applications for access.

Standard your admissions decisiveness and get a motion?

Our End Incertitude mannikin isAlone for applicants who explore document on on-line vote organization restoration standard an decreed entranceway determination. An admissions counselor leave scope to you regarding your soulfulness doubtfulness and/or conclusioninside 10 clientele years subsequently submitting the Intent Question Build .

Due to FERPA concealment laws, we can lonesome sermon info for newbie applicants with the schoolchild, the counseling, and the ass(s)/guardian(s) listed in the diligence. For conveyance students, we can troglodyte intervention informaition with the pupil who applied.

If you let a head but you get NOT touchstone an decreed assenting close, delight link the Berth of Admissions at or 540-568-5681.

Check our Dates and Deadlines foliose to see when we leave-taking dismission your determination.

JMU Situation of Admissions

Sonner Antechamber MSC 0101 481 Bluestone Come-on Harrisonburg, Virginia 22807

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